Collection Service

Should your company be based within a 20 mile radius of Bridgwater, Cannington Waste Management makes managing food waste simple and cost-effective. Our food waste collection service is available through a 240 litre container. Each container holds up to 175KG of waste.

We aim to offer a zero landfill option to local businesses in the area and offer a daily and weekly food waste collection service, handled by our fleet of vehicles. Your food waste is then transported to our sister company – Cannington Bio Energy, where, through the process known as anaerobic digestion, we will break down the food waste efficiently and environmentally friendly. This process then creates energy which is used to run the plant with surplus being fed back into the national grid. Currently we produce enough energy to power 1,500 local houses.

For large volumes of waste we provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements.

The service that we provide to your business will ensure that none of your food waste is sent to landfill.

What do we collect?

Food and organic waste fall in to several categories, including:
  • Industrial waste (eg from agricultural and food processing factories)
  • Garden waste (eg grass clippings and hedge trimmings)
  • Spoiled food (eg food beyond sell by date)
  • Kitchen waste (eg vegetable peelings)
  • Waste food (eg leftovers in restaurants and pubs)
Collection Service

If you would like to talk to us about collecting your waste please contact us and we will be able provide you with more information and discuss your individual requirements.

Collection Service
The landfill tax is currently £80 per tonne and the operator will charge between £20-£40 per tonne, bringing the cost to circa £120 per tonne. Recycling a tonne of food waste costs considerably less than sending it to landfill.