About Us

Cannington Waste Management is the newest arm of an expanding portfolio of services offered by Cannington Enterprises. Cannington Enterprises are specialists in recycling and food waste management.

We are able to provide your company with professional and efficient food waste management which is environmentally responsibly handled.

Our secure warehousing is linked to our bio energy recycling plant so your waste will not go to landfill. Only 5% of all the waste we handle can’t as yet be recycled. This is something we pride ourselves on. Your waste goes to produce heat and power and even feedback into the national grid; a good fit for companies that strive to be socially responsible and who have robust environmental policies.

Whether you are a hotel kitchen manager, catering supplier, small restaurant or international chain, food production company, distributor or supermarket we have the expertise and equipment to provide a fully-managed food waste service which includes secure destruction.

Recycling Services

We can also manage and recycle other forms of waste at your request – please contact us for details.

Our highly flexible service, based from our easily accessible site in Somerset is available to you 24/7. This means that you are not restricted to ‘impossible to make’ delivery times should you have a production problem, a refrigeration unit break down or need a swift turnaround of stock; we open our plant to accommodate your needs. We can even collect, if required, as we have our own fleet of dedicated recycling vehicles.

It is because of our customer focused service approach that we now work with some of the largest household food brands and suppliers, alongside our more local customers. All our customers are important to us and last year we recycled over 50,000 tonnes of food waste for them!